Monda Castle

Boutique Hotel and Restaurant
Calle Villeta 6
Monda 29110 AL ES
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 Monda Castle is an intimate boutique hotel set high in the mountains above Marbella

The Andalusian castle with its surprising decor and modern facilities is an unforgettable setting for a relaxing stay. Personal attention, the relaxed atmosphere and fine cuisine will make you feel welcome immediately. Your “home” away from home!

Monda Castle, marbella plus guide
A pool with a view

Situated just 15 minutes from Marbella Centre, the hotel lends itself for weddings, corporate functions and private weekend getaways as well as relaxing holidays.

The castle is built on the foundations of “Al-Mundat,” an Arab fortress from the 9th century. One of the original towers is still visible, as are parts of the foundations, which can be found throughout the interior. The location on top of a hill allows breathtaking views in all directions. The castle overlooks the picturesque white Andalusian village of Monda, all the way to Malaga and the Mediterranean.

Monda Castle
Beautifu terraces

Because of its thick walls, the hotel is always relatively cool on the inside in the summer and retains the warmth in winter for a perfect ambience throughout the hotel.
Free parking ,Outdoor pool, Restaurant, Bar